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racine danish kringles it s not just a treat it s a - shop racine danish kringles cheesecakes coffee cakes and more wisconsin s flaky danish pastry it s not just a treat it s a tradition, voted best kringle in racine wisconsin o h danish bakery - o h danish bakery of racine wisconsin takes home its eighth consecutive kringle crown during the year of its 65th anniversary where kringle traditions begin, kringle multi pack racine danish kringles - almond kringle the original kringle from way back when our almond kringle is one of our best selling kringles year after year in addition to its buttery rich pastry it s topped with a smooth vanilla icing and toasted slivered almonds for a little nutty crunch, kringle recipe food network - kringle 3 4 cup butter 1 package dry yeast 1 4 cup lukewarm water 1 4 cup lukewarm milk 1 4 cup sugar 1 2 teaspoon salt 1 2 teaspoon lemon extract, danish kringle recipe allrecipes com - this beautiful pastry looks like a complicated braid but is simply created by crisscrossing strips of dough this pastry is filled with brown sugar and walnuts and finished with a powdered sugar glaze, kringle candle official site - the kringle candle company offers a full line of fragranced candles including classic apothecary jars tumblers daylights wax potpourri tea lights and more, danish kringle recipe whats cooking america - danish kringles is a danish like pastry filled with fruits nuts cheese etc then drizzled with icing over the years a variety of fruit and nut fillings were added and in the united states not denmark the pretzel shape was changed to its present oval shape to eliminate the unfilled overlapping parts, kringle recipe food network - kringle is a favorite bread to serve at christmas easter anniversary celebrations or any special occasion in denmark the bread was developed in the 1800s when danish bakers went on strike to, kringle recipe genius kitchen - this recipe is posted by request it is from the cookbook delectably danish by julie jensen mcdonald it was given to her by the owners of o and h bakeryin racine wisconsin and featured on the food network, danish kringle recipe culinary hill - kringle is a popular danish pastry often filled with fruits nuts jams or other flavors in the united states kringle took root in a city just south of milwaukee racine my in laws live in racine and my mother in law makes the most delicious kringle i ve ever eaten and now you can make it